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Leslie Ceramics


1101 LX Clear – UPDATE! 6/19/2014

 LX CLEAR has been tested and works beautifully up to Cone 10! It also works great at intermediate cones such as cone 7-8-9. This glaze is becoming more and more popular and the extended firing range should make it one of our top selling glazes.


Leslie’s has a new cone 5/6 clear, 1101 LX Clear, specially formulated to fit mid-range porcelains. In the past you were forced to use Laguna’s notoriously difficult to apply MS-29 Clear Bright to get a good fit with tight bodied mid-range clays. The new 1101 in contrast brushes on like a dream has a pink dye added which makes even application much easier.  After extensive tests by Leslies and by Leslie customers (Thank you!) the clear has recieved rave reviews and has performed beautifully.

We have also introduced a new cone 5 Satin Clear that has also been giving stunning results. Stop by the store to see it in person and pick up a jar (or two).





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